Monday, March 28, 2016


So much time has passed as this slave waits for 'fun' lifestyle type thing's to post. Deciding that something is better than nothing for anyone that may read her thoughts, this slave is going to post  anyway.
Silly updates... this slave finally has a corset, and she loves it!!!
Unfortunately the heat and physical labor prevent daily wear but, thanks kim kardashian for making corsets popular and affordable again! ;)
The other big update. .. bunnies. Cute, fuzzy, nummy bunnies. This slave is breeding rabbits and having lots of fun with it. Master has a great line of sell breeders and this slave is expecting the first batch of meat bunnies soon. Rabbit tastes better than chicken and  you don't have to pluck it so its exciting.  slave has also been planning what to make with the hides she tans...
Master has been taking care of sick family for most of His time recently so there are lots of projects for slave to do around the house.
Happy spring

Sunday, April 19, 2015

slave life

slave smiles, as she watches Master play Metroid Prime on the GameCube. It has been a nice, slow weekend and life is good. 
New tires on the truck, Masters teeth marks on the back of this slaves neck, and the best smoked chicken dinner ever due to Masters amazing culinary skills.
Master has been looking at getting a new collar for this slave to wear. she is currently wearing the second collar in nine years and it has been very loved. Fingers crossed that it stays in one piece until Masters new one arrives *smile*.
this slave has been learning random skills after her household tasks since Master has been working a lot lately. she is learning how to knit as well as rabbitry stuff. Breeding, care, butchering, tanning etc... 
This has been a quick update as Master is wanting this slave to watch His game. *waves*

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lovely to read all of the subbie blogs!

This slave has to admit that she has been avoiding Masters blog slightly.
Life always seems so busy lately, so full of such normal things that she was unsure of what to write. Where is a slave to start when things have been wonderful but, perhaps not 'highly entertaining' for anyone who reads this?
slave wishes to thank all of the others in the lifestyle who share all of their stories with the rest of us. It has helped her remember that this is just a way to share the specific aspects of this privileged life with anyone else who wishes to read it. she especially wishes to thank
 libby at a submissive's musings 
who shared such an honest look into her personal reflections on her daily life. this slave realized by reading her page that, though life sometimes seems to 'get in the way' we all submit in our own way every day. Those things that are such a part of us and what we do that its almost hard to see how much we actually get to submit to those we serve. this slave laughed when she read the part about "listening for Masters truck and meeting him when he arrives".  slave does the same thing and, since Master carpools with the neighbor He pulls up next door. this slave meets Master outside usually before the neighbors dogs bark their greeting. Which always makes her smile and mentally stick her tongue out at their 'better hearing' *laugh*.
That is one of the many lovely things that slave gets do do every day to serve Master to the best of her ability. From the simple keeping of the house, making of the dinner, laying out Masters clothes each morning, getting to kneel while putting on or removing His boots....
Things may not be constant 'beatings and bondage' but, as nice as those things are. This way is more real, more meaningful, more heartfelt almost... when W/we have such a regular routine that our daily interactions become even more special. A meeting of the eyes, nod of the head, twitch of a finger, all of those subtle Master cues and knowing exactly what they mean. All of that just serves to make us better slaves.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A short return

Master and slave have returned to Florida for the holidays. The last month has been wonderful, this slave is very happy to be traveling the country again. It will still be a few more paychecks until all the little ducks are back in a row but, things are going quite well. 

 Now that W/we have all this time alone again Master has been working with this slave. During the long stretch of busyness and little time for routine, she has developed some behavioral 'kinks' that have required some adjusting. Not that they are all removed at this point but, she is progressing again. Even though it seems excruciatingly slow for her and there are days when it seems she is going backwards. The slip back into 'O/ourselves' is like coming home, even if the potholes down the driveway are in different places *smile*.

As usual, this slave is eager for some play of the painful variety. As usual, Master knows best and has suspended all but mild playing (and sex of course, thankfully!) until this slaves mindset is on the right track again. He is making her work harder to pull the lost bits of focus back that are wandering around chasing butterflies. The overall 'off' feeling that can be so consuming during long stretches without pain has been subtle this time. Though it still makes things more difficult sometimes, slave recognizes the importance of presenting herself properly and in the best physical and mental condition for such things.

slave is looking forward to the new year, and will post again on the next return. Perhaps once more before heading off into the snow again, if she cannot find such time then Happy Holidays to everyone! May they be filled with happiness and all sorts of delightful things.... *grin*

Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, it's good to have access to a computer again. Though until the laptop is repaired it will be a little sporadic. Master and slave are preparing to go on the semi tomorrow and will be doing that for a while. she is glad because its wintertime and she is excited to see snow! slave made sure to pack the carved willow root that Master and her made together and a pack of clothespins. she has every intention of collecting new toys while T/they are around the country so she packed light to have LOTS of room *devious grin*. slave will post new stories on O/our return.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Long time

It has been a long time since this slave has had an opportunity to post. Things have been extremely hectic in daily life, the economy has had Master and slave working long and hard to try to make things better. this slave wanted to pop in and let everyone know that she will continue blogging as soon as she can spare a moment here and there. Hopefully life resumes its normalcy soon and she can get back to regular beatings and regular posts! *excited grin*

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happily ever after

While sitting under the stars and talking Master asked this slave last night "What do you do once you reach happily ever after?". 
slave thought for a second then, being the horny little monster that she is said "i would say why don't You beat me senseless, fuck me stupid and ask me again tomorrow. Then tomorrow i would say why don't You tie me to a tree in the woods and grind my back into the bark, then ask me the next day. The day after that i would say ask  me after i serve You all day then snuggle around your feet for my foot nap and...." After this slave continued on for a few moments Master laughed and said "Ok, ok I get the point". The grin on Masters face made this slave all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the night.